I am a writer and performance poet.


My performance piece, "110 m.p.h.", the true story of love standing up to catastrophe, premiered at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton on 25 & 27 February 2020. Feedback includes "Wow!" "mesmerising" "powerful" "compelling" and "brave".

Read about "110 m.p.h." here. 

My poetry is published in the International Times, Pseudonym and Tales From The Forest magazine.


I am widely published in newspapers and magazines.

At present I am performing poetry and editing what I hope will be my debut novel. I conduct interviews for Pseudonym magazine. Follow me on Instagram @estelle_clarke4 for performance dates and other news :)


There is further information and commentary on my writing at Testimonials, here.


I successfully campaigned for the reform of student loans. This campaign is now adopted at a national level, including by the House of Lords.   

It was an honour to be one of the poets invited to perform at the John Hansard Gallery's Ancient Mariner Zoom event on 26 May 2020

ancient mariner big read.jpg

I was thrilled to be invited by the John Hansard Gallery to perform at their poetry event supporting

The Ancient Mariner Big Read, curated by author Philip Hoare, artist Angela Cockayne and Sarah Chapman, featuring readings by actor and activist Jeremy Irons, alongside recordings by Tilda Swinton, Iggy Pop, Willem Dafoe, Hilary Mantel, Marianne Faithfull and Lemn Sissay, plus many more.

The event was livestreamed via Facebook.

Visit The John Hansard Gallery here.

Tales From The Forest Magazine published my love poem, "Dragon's Dream" on 7th March 2020

It was a huge honour to have my love poem, "Dragon's Dream" published by "Tales From The Forest" magazine.

Read the poem here.

"Tales From The Forest" is a gorgeous magazine with high quality content - enjoy a good read here.

Paul Cannon Harris invited me to gig at "Harris-Meant" at Chaplins Cellar in Boscombe near Bournemouth as a support act on 10 March 2020.

Find out more about the great Chaplin's venue here.

I was interviewed about "110 m.p.h." by Radio Sonar for its own audience and again by Radio Sonar during its Voice FM takeover, for the Voice FM audience. February 2020.

Thank you to Radio Sonar's Veronika Zapletalova and Matilda Andersson for interviewing me about "110 m.p.h." for Radio Sonar and VoiceFM  Radio. It was an absolute delight!

Find Radio Sonar here.

Find VoiceFM here.

Unity 101 Radio's "Kelly" Ram Kalyan interviewed me about "110 m.p.h." in February.

Thank you to Kelly for the excellent and probing interview conducted live for his Drivetime show.

Listen to this fabulous radio station here.

The Nuffield Theatre Southampton selected "110 m.p.h." to be performed as part of the Make it:SO season. Performances were on 25 & 27 February.  

1600 x 900 16.12.19 final 110

It was a huge honour to have "110 m.p.h." selected by Nuffield Theatre Southampton.


"110 m.p.h"

premiered on 25 and 27 February.


Read about this epic poem and film here.

#110mph #makeitso

Pseudonym magazine December/January 2020 features me as the "Page Three Poet" - with my poem "On the Horseshoe in Snowdonia" 

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 17.30.46.png

On 11th December 2019, I successfully competed in the Hammer & Tongue Regional Finals. I am thrilled to have won a place competing in the National Finals at the Royal Albert Hall in 2020.

I am humbled to be one of two poets representing Southampton at the National Finals for Hammer & Tongue. I will be performing alongside The Craig Chalmers Experience (centre in photo), doing my best for Southampton.

We had awesome headliners at the Regional Finals at The Art House, Southampton - Pete the Temp (2nd left) and Elizabeth McGeown (far left).

Find out more about Hammer & Tongue here.

The Hansard Gallery invited me to perform my poetry at their event "POETRY@JHG: WAVES" 13th November 2019

6 - 8 p.m. at the Hansard Gallery, 142 - 144 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DU

Free entry and paying bar.

My poems won a competition to be performed on the Salisbury Fringe Festival by Professional Actors on 6th October 2019 

The Hansard Gallery invited me to perform my poetry at their event "POETRY@JHG: RESIST" August 2019

6 - 8 p.m. at the Hansard Gallery, 142 - 144 Above Bar Street, Southampton SO14 7DU

Free entry and followed by tour of the exhibition with Ros Carter, Head of Programmes and Senior Curator.

In May 2019 The International Times published my poem "The Hand of Hazard".

The International Times published the full, unabridged version of "The Hand of Hazard" and you can read it here:

In April 2019 I won the Hammer and Tongue Poetry Slam

Right is a photo following my win with poet Avy on the left and Poet/Comedian Robert Garnham on the right.

Two of my poems won a competition to be performed on the Salisbury Fringe by Professional Actors on 7th October 2018 

Two of my poems won a competition to be selected for performance by professional actors on the Salisbury Fringe.

I was Longlisted for the Fish Flash Fiction Prize, April 2016
The Oxford Forum invited me to join a panel discussing Student Finance on 13 October 2018

The speakers were (L to R) Helen Carasso, an Oxford professor of Higher Education, Nick Hillman, the chair of the Higher Education Policy Institute, Chair (Adrian Holle), Peter Ainsworth, author of the IEA's paper on the Graduate Tax and myself. 


The title of the debate was "Student Finance, the unsustainable Time-Bomb: how should Higher Education be paid for?".

The Salisbury Journal published my Opinion Piece in print and on line on the 20th May 2018

The Salisbury Journal invited me to provide an opinion piece on the novichok incident.


This article was the second most popular over the weekend, beaten only by the Royal Wedding. :)


Read it in full here. 

The Mail on Sunday contacted me about student loans' interest rate and quoted me as an expert on Sunday 21 April 2018

The Mail on Sunday featured me in their paper newspaper as well as on line. The link to the online feature is here. 


The BBC Politics Show had me as an expert guest discussing student loans with Peter Henley, Molly Scott Cato MEP and Royston Smith MP on Sunday 25 February 2018

The BBC 1 Sunday Politics Show looked at student loans in the context of Theresa May's announced year long review of the student finance system. Issues addressed on the Politics Show included tuition fee size, mental ill health triggered by student debt, compound interest, the benefit of and paying for the nation's education.


The student loan segment starts at about 43 minutes on iPlayer here.

Voice of Islam Drivetime Radio invited me to join a discussion about student loans on 22nd February 2018

Voice of Islam Radio had an in-depth discussion around student fees looking at issues ranging from mental ill health associated with student loans to the  expense involved. Listen here and my segment starts at 1.34 minutes here.

ITV news interviewed me about student loans following the announcement of the government's review of the student loan system on 20 February 2018.

ITV's award winning investigative reporter Christine Alesford interviewed me about student loans for ITV's Meridian news.


One of the questions was what should happen to the student loan system.


Listen here at 1.48.

The Times Higher Education published my article: "Rip-off student loan terms betray the young" on 13 February 2018

The BBC featured my 'Right to Buy' paper on 1st December 2017

Compound interest rates of 6.1 per cent on student loans are unfair and create a debt trap responsible for today's worsening mental health crisis...


There is now political resistance to reducing interest costs on student loans; however, cutting this rate would only benefit wealthiest graduates who would simply pay off their loans quicker, some argue. This is a shamefully specious argument because were it not for compounding interest mushrooming the size of student loans, any such advantages would be greatly evened out.

As Lord Dearing said, a zero interest rate would benefit the less well-off more because they take longer to repay.

Read full article here

"...The argument, in a paper for the Finance and Society journal, is that if the government can sell student debt to private investors, why not offer the same terms to the student, who will have to spend decades paying off the debt?

"That the government is prepared to sell student loans to wealthy investors for a price that reflects a fraction of their value shows a profound disconnect between government and the people," says Ms Clarke.

The radical idea has been backed by Professor Sir Keith Burnett, vice-chancellor, of the University of Sheffield."

Read more here.

"There are a number of profound injustices within the student finance system.

These include the less well off having twice the debt and costs of their better off peers; rip-off interest cost on the loans; investors profiting from students and unregulated loans; inadequate maintenance support for students; and the promulgation of misleading defenses for this system which is in crisis:..."

Read more here

House of Commons Treasury Committee - Student loans inquiry - Supplementary evidence dated 6 November 2017 following the Paradise Papers revelations

Supplemental evidence submitted relating to issues raised by information contained in the “Paradise Papers” and which is relevant to the specific scope of the inquiry: “What are the implications of the sale or securitisation of student loans?”

Published - read full evidence by clicking here.

Renegade Inc. TV invited me to film a leading thinker's interview with them about student loans for their programme "The Student Debt Bomb"  Broadcast on 6th November 2017

This 30 minute programme looks at the consequences of student debt, including the ticking bomb of loan repayments and the impact student loans have on mortgages.


Watch the full programme here:

Finance & Society, an open-access academic journal publishes my paper "Right to buy: A proposal to end the student loans crisis" with a Foreword by Sir Keith Burnett 31st October 2017

My paper "Right to buy:  a proposal to end the student debt crisis" can be accessed and downloaded here; and

Sir Keith Burnett's Foreword can be accessed and downloaded here.

Read more on Finance & Society's site here.

House of Commons Treasury Committee - Student loans inquiry - Evidence dated 31 October 2017 

Evidence submitted on the scope of the inquiry relating to “recent changes to the student loan system, including the repayment threshold, interest rates, tuition fees” and the impact “of the Government's management of the student loan book.”


 Published - read full evidence by clicking here.

Voice of Islam Radio interviewed me about my petition to remove rip-off 6.1% compound interest from student loans on 30 October 2017

I explained how compound interest works and the reasons for starting the petition to remove rip-off compound interest from student loans. There is no justification for compound interest and if loans were regulated this would not be allowed. It matters because the compound interest added means that many student borrowers have already paid off their loans and interest even if their loans are written off. People are struggling with the payments and the mental health aspects, too. Sign the petition here.

My interview was on 30.10.17 and starts here at 1:27 Listen here. 

House of Commons - Education Committee - Inquiry into value for money in higher education - Evidence dated 23 October 2017 

Evidence submitted on the scope of the Inquiry relating to “Social justice in higher education and support for disadvantaged students” - the student finance system.

Published - read full evidence by clicking here.

Lords Select Committee - Economic Affairs Committee – Economics of higher, further and technical education enquiry - Evidence dated 10 October 2017 

Evidence submitted in answer to the  questions:

1.     Are the interest rates on student loans too high?

2.     Should the Government proceed the sale of part of the pre-2012 loan book?

3.     What changes should there be to the current system for funding higher education? Should tuition fees be reduced, or abolished?

Published and available to read in full here.

STUDENT FINANCE: ITV's Christine Alsford interviewed me about student loans for its news programme broadcast on 26 September 2017

"Families call for rethink as students face record tuition fees and "unfair" spiralling debt"

I was pleased to be interviewed by Christine Alsford for ITV Meridian News.

"All we're seeing is little changes... tinkering around the edges. I think that the loan system should be completely overhauled. Education is something that the whole nation benefits from.

Also, student loans are very bad and having a negative impact on the mental health of a lot of student borrowers"

Watch the feature here and my piece starts at 3.18

STUDENT FINANCE: "Just when will they learn?" The Mail on Sunday interviewed me for their lead feature on Personal Finance on 10th September 2017

The Mail on Sunday interviewed me for their lead feature on Personal Finance on 10th September 2017 -  on line here

"Clarke, who is among those demanding the system be overhauled, says: ‘It is disingenuous of the Government to rely on the defence that many student loans will be “written off” after 30 years. This claim disguises the fact that many loans would not need to be written off if the Government charged a fair rate of interest – and interest was not compounded monthly.’"

STUDENT FINANCE: "Are tuition fees really heading for scrap heap?" The BBC  article is published 13th July 2017

"Estelle Clarke, a former City lawyer on the advisory board of the Intergenerational Foundation think tank, says student loans have less consumer finance protection than a basic product such as a credit card.

She says if they were properly regulated, they would be unlikely to apply the monthly compound interest used for student loans."


Read the full article here

STUDENT FINANCE: The Financial Times Weekend 8/9 July 2017 publishes my letter about student loans as lead letter: "Ensnared in a debt trap by compound interest"

STUDENT FINANCE: BBC Breakfast in Dorset interviewed me about loans and loan costs on the morning show on 31 May 2017 

Here at 1:40:48 minutes onwards:

Students are exploited at the moment; for the poorer students, in addition to their loans for tuition fees they have to pay £10,000 pa for their maintenance loans; it is terribly hard for students who work and study; students accumulate a great debt which quadruples with interest costs on top; they are not paying what they think they are paying, they are paying much, much more.

STUDENT FINANCE: BBC Radio Solent's Julian Clegg interviewed me about tuition fee loans on his morning show on 31 May 2017 

Here at 39 minutes onwards:

Student loans are unfair; students are punished for going to university to better the nation; debt lasts a lifetime; Plan Two loans are quadrupled by interest costs because of monthly compound interest; the loan gets bigger and bigger instead of staying the same size; there is a great erosion of the graduate premium; there's an argument that there's a negative premium; the priority is to make access to university equal... the replacement of maintenance grants with loans means the less well off pay twice as much as their better off peers.

STUDENT FINANCE: ITV interviewed me about student loans for student loan documentaries broadcast in May/June 2017 

ITV's Social Affairs Correspondent Christine Alsford interviewed me for documentaries broadcast by ITV Meridian in May/June 2017. "The report contain interviews with: Estelle Clarke, campaigner and expert":

"...there is concern that the interest rates being charged for student loans to pay tuition fees are causing students to get into high levels of debt before they have even graduated."

Click on images to go to ITV's films.

STUDENT FINANCE: LoveMONEY interviewed me about student loans and published an article on it on 1 June 2017

"The interest rate on controversial Plan 2 loans is set to rise from 4.6% to an eye-watering 6.1% in September, making the debt even harder to pay back. What's worse is that students have no idea how this interest will balloon when they apply for a loan. "The Student Loans Company (SLC) says that students have signed a declaration, but the information isn't on the declaration, so there's no reason students should know," says lawyer and student loan campaigner, Estelle Clarke.

"It should be jumping out in red letters with snazzy lights!"...the Conservatives have announced the selling of more loan books on to private investors.

Taxpayers will ultimately foot the bill for the sale through less money being fed into the economy by graduates and fewer tax receipts as a result of less productivity. "The loan book sell-off is a very dangerous thing," Clarke told loveMONEY.

A flat rate of interest.

Ideally, there would be no interest on student loans.

But Clarke says that realistically, loans will have a flat rate of 1.09%, which many believe is the cost of Government borrowing. It should be simple interest, not compounded. Click on image to read article.

STUDENT FINANCE: Voice of Islam's Sufyan Farooqi interviewed me about the rising cost of tuition fees, on the Breakfast Show on 3rd May 2017

Voice of Islam's Sufyan Farooqi interviewed me about the increase in tuition fees:

"Tuition fees are way too high already...those tuition fees are made available via hugely expensive loans... students end up paying for their own education but the beneficiaries are in the large part the economy... education is something that everybody benefits from... university education should be available equally for everybody and the problem at the moment is that... the less well off pay much much more for their education than their better off peers do... a less well off person graduates with a debt of at least £60,000 whereas a better off person who does not need a maintenance loan graduates with a loan of roughly £30,000... tuition fees have to be reduced to a level whereby university access is equal for everybody..."

You can listen and download here. I am on from 1:37 -1:52, which is the last quarter of the show.

My paper "The Packhorse Generation" is referenced by the BBC:


"The Intergenerational Foundation think tank has highlighted that while the focus has been on the headline tuition fee, the amount that it actually costs students in repayments including interest charges will often be much higher.

Before the forthcoming interest rate increase, students earning £41,000 per year were forecast to make repayments of £54,000 on tuition fees.

This figure was without including the amount students also borrow for living costs such as accommodation - and without any amount outstanding when debts are written off after 30 years.

The foundation's report on tuition fee interest was called "The Packhorse Generation" to describe these increasing levels of debt."

Download the paper here and read the BBC article here.

STUDENT FINANCE: "Millions of students and graduates to pay more in student loan fees thanks to Brexit" The Independent on 12th April 2017

"Responding to the latest concerns, Ms Clarke called government-funded student loans an "insufferable and blatant exploitation".

"What this means for students is that expensive student loans will – incredibly – become even more expensive," she said.

"This increase could easily increase some borrowers' repayments by hundreds or thousands of pounds. It will make loans last longer and borrowers' lives will carry on being difficult as they try to find never ending money for their loans and families while coping with the stress which accompanies such debt.

"This is an inexcusable assault on the vulnerability of students with no alternative but to go along with the government’s student finance system.

"Immediate and urgent scrutiny is needed of student finance," she added. "An independent enquiry should be set up to stop children out of school being laden with more then thirty years of unfair debt.""

Read the article here.

STUDENT FINANCE: Voice of Islam's Sharjeel Sajiid and Waleed Ahmed interviewed me on the Breakfast Show discussing student loans on 3rd April 2017

Voice of Islam's Sharjeel Sajiid and Waleed Ahmed interviewed me about Student Loans: in brief - Studying abroad; Brexit; Student loan repayment; unfairness of students having to take out loans for maintenance grants; debts rising to £60,000 for the less well off then increased by monthly compound interest, increasing the size of the loans so borrowers are stuck in a debt trap; that the repayment threshold does not cushion the blow because interest costs continue to rise so you have to pay off even more later. If the loans were reasonable, students could afford to pay off their loans; the dangers loan sales and falling admissions; the gross unfairness of student debt and why the system is founded on inequitable principles and needs to and will inevitably change if falling admissions continue. Why student loans are illegal.


You can listen and download here. I am on from 1:17:40 to 1:44:14

STUDENT FINANCE: Voice of Islam's Mansoor Clarke interviewed me on his Breakfast Show discussing student loans on 20 February 2017

Voice of Islam's Mansoor Clarke from 08.35 - 9.00 a.m., interviewed me about Student Loans: in brief - the abolition of maintenance grants; debts of £60k are horrific; is it worth it and can it change? The economics of falling admissions - cf with NZ who removed interest from student loans in response to pressure. Rising tuition fees and the value of degrees with an eroding premium and double the debt; parents increasing awareness - people taking up loans are kids out of school. The need to amplify the nations voice into political power; collective influence and students' votes. Loans are out of control because they carry compound interest which is extremely unjust.


Mansoor Clarke is Imam at Britain's Biggest Mosque. You can listen here at 1:41:40 and I start talking at 1:50:06

STUDENT FINANCE: LBC's Clive Bull interviewed me about student loans on 19 February 2017

LBC's Clive Bull interviewed me about Student Loans: in brief - student debt is unfair and having a devastating effect on students mental health; maintenance loans have created a great injustice because the less well off have double the debts of their better off peers; maintenance grants should be reintroduced; the graduate premium no longer exists, and legislation does not protect students form being worse off in the event of loan sales.


You can listen here at 68 mins until 74 minutes.

STUDENT FINANCE: University debts so high students are suffering 'increased mental health problems' and 'can't afford food" The Independent on 18th February 2017

Estelle Clarke, advisory board member for the Intergenerational Foundation, said the findings were particularly concerning in light of recent Government moves to sell off student loan debts to private companies

She said: “There is an undisputed negative relationship between debt and mental health. Being unable to pay bills is particularly stressful.

“Student loans put unnecessary pressure on borrowers because they are so expensive. It is upsetting to think of students depriving themselves of food and perhaps enduring loneliness, trapped in their rooms because they cannot afford to eat or go out...

“Unfortunately, the proposed sales of student loans could well make the situation even worse,” she added. “This grossly unfair reality has serious implications for mental health.”...

Ms Clarke added: “The dreadful injustice is that every single day, while students are scrimping and saving, punitive monthly compounding interest is being added to their loans, snowballing them into unmanageable debt – and at a time when students can, literally, do nothing about it.

“While students are suffering from lack of money, extortionate interest charges are still being added to their loans. It is exploitation at best.

“The Government has created this issue and now needs to remedy it with fair financing for students.”

Read it here.

STUDENT FINANCE: "Government begins plans to sell off billions of pounds worth of student debt to private companies." The Independent on 6th February 2017

Former City lawyer and Advisory Board member for the Intergenerational Foundation think-tank, Estelle Clarke, said selling student loans was a “bizarre step for the government to take” as well as a “bad idea for students and taxpayers”.

She told The Independent: “Students and graduate borrowers will be right to be alarmed by this announcement: their loans will be controlled by private purchasers whose legitimate intention is to extract as much money as possible from graduate borrowers.

“The Sale of Student Loans Act 2008 allows student loans to be made worse for borrowers and there is a serious risk this will happen. 

"The loans in question already charge expensive monthly compounding interest and purchasers may well seek to receive more money from borrowers." ... Ms Clarke warned: "The government has a track record of breaking its promises; its ‘press’ position cannot be relied upon”.

"The loan sales smack of short-term desperation – paid for by the educational and economic wellbeing of a nation."  Read it here.

STUDENT FINANCE: "Packhorse Generation: The long debt tail of student loans" is published by The Intergenerational Foundation on 21st January 2017

"Packhorse Generation: The long debt tail of student loans."

This report follows the likely interest that will be charged to graduates over a 30-year loan term and concludes that due to the front-loading of debt and interest charged, which is compounded monthly, most students – apart from higher earners – will be unable to escape their student debt and still owe large amounts at the end of the loan term.

Such large non-repayment levels mean that, should government seek to sell of the loan book, then the terms of borrowing could become even more punitive unless students receive better protection from policy makers.

Download the Report here.

STUDENT FINANCE: "Average graduate will still owe almost £60,000 in tuition fees after 30 years of repayments" - The Independent, 21st January 2017

“One reason that many graduates will never pay off their debts is because the original amount of the debt is inflated by punitive ‘interest’ charges the government imposes on the loans, making the loans bigger and bigger,” Estelle Clarke told The Independent.

“This often means that hard though they try, borrowers cannot keep pace with payments needed to cover the high ‘interest’ - let alone pay off the original loan they took out.”

The former Clifford Chance lawyer has previously argued that the government loans are illegal, as well as deceptive, tying students into contracts that could leave them paying out more than double the amount initially borrowed.

The new IF report... warns that even those who never find a well-paid job in spite of their university degrees could receive a “nasty shock” in years to come as a result of the current repayment system.

Read the full article here.

... Estelle Clarke, a former City lawyer on the advisory board of the Intergenerational Foundation, argues that we're failing to understand the "stranglehold" of debt that we're building up for young people.

She also warns we should be looking nervously at the vast scale of write-offs in the current system...

"Taxpayers end up paying for this system twice over. Firstly, they will shoulder the burden of an economy deprived of cash as millions of graduates' incomes are diverted to loan repayments," says Ms Clarke.

"And secondly, they shoulder the burden of the non-repayment of most loans due to the extortionate ratcheting up of interest in spite of regular payments made."

Ms Clarke warns that there is not nearly enough protection for students against future changes to repayment arrangements to "extract even more cash from graduates' pockets".

"No other lending has so little protection," she says.

Read the full article here.

STUDENT FINANCE: "How Student Loans Work" is published by VERGE on 1st December 2016 

"... compounding is a completely different beast to normal interest: when interest is compounded, it is added to the loan making it bigger and bigger. Interest is charged on that bigger and bigger loan instead of the actual loan. This happens every month with student loans, for up to 30 years... what started as a £42,000 loan will have become a loan of £159,033. Instead of owing £42,000 the student then owes £159,033. Instead of paying interest on £42,000, ‘interest’ is paid on £159,033.


Compounding makes student loans ‘interest’ rate exorbitant."

Read the full article here.

STUDENT FINANCE: BBC Breakfast in Dorset - the BBC interviewed me about the cost and terms of student loans  on 18 November 2016

Interview: 1:38 to 1:44 "... that debt gets quadrupled by the compound interest... [students] don't even have a loan contract between them... what they don't expect is the compound interest on top... with that level of debt it stops them from getting on with their lives and the amount of interest that is taken out... they are forever trapped in an increasingly impoverished situation. The figures are so astronomically high ... families cannot afford to have hundreds of pounds going out every month and its not going out on anything worthwhile; it's going out  on compound interest which is an unnecessary charge... the ideal upshot would be the removal of interest and compound interest in particular, the reintroduction of maintenance grants and the capping of tuition fees - which is in line with the Intergenerational Foundation ['s aims]. We should follow the New Zealand lead and students should pay what they [courses] actually cost because at the moment students pay third party investor profit out of their loans... there's a negative graduate premium and its the government that's getting the premium from the extortive costs..." Listen to the interview here.

STUDENT FINANCE: BBC Radio Solent's Julian Clegg interviewed me about the cost of student loans on his morning show on 18 November 2016

32.27, (one minute trailer)  “how can you start a life when you’ve got £50,000 or 100,000 hanging around your neck?”

43:00 - 46:54, interview “compounding interest applies and that basically quadruples the debt... the graduate premium is questionable... even if that premium were correct, the cost of the compounding interest alone would put the students in a negative premium situation discussion with compounding interest"

49:55, 56:00, 01:03, 01:16:29, 01:33.11 “... [Estelle Clarke] has questioned the government’s assertion that the financial benefits of graduating from university outweigh the costs. Estelle is joining parents from across the south this weekend protesting against the high level of debt their children will end up with after graduating. The Intergenerational Foundation, which is organizing the demonstrations, has said that the high level of debt is already damaging lives…” Listen to the interview here.

STUDENT FINANCE: BBC Radio 4's "Woman's Hour" interviewed me about the cost of student loans on 17 November 2016

"[My daughter's] total debt we think is going to between 70 and 80 thousand pounds and of course that gets quadrupled with the compound interest on it.... it was the principle of equality that drove the decision [that she would go to university]..."

Listen to the interview here - it is the first item.

This feature was included in the subsequent Weekend Woman's Hour as the first item, too.

STUDENT FINANCE: "Student finance loans 'illegal and unenforceable" says top lawyer", published by The Independent 10 November 2016

Government student loans are “illegal” and “unenforceable”, a top lawyer [Estelle Clarke] has said, arguing that graduates must be reimbursed for signing misleading contracts at extortionate interest rates. 

Read it here.

STUDENT FINANCE: "Theresa May must repay David Cameron's illegal student loans" published by The Independent 10 November 2016

When introduced in 1998, government student loans were relatively fair. Since then, they have changed so much they have become illegal: tested in court, they’d be ruled unenforceable – in whole or part.

Read it here.

STUDENT FINANCE: "Avoid The Overdraft Trap - Budget Now" is published by VERGE

 September 2016 

Verge, the largest Student Magazine publishes my article "Avoid The Overdraft Trap - Budget Now".

"Follow these tips and before you know it, you'll be budget-savvy."

Read it here.

STUDENT LOANS: Evidence prepared for the Public Bill Committee and published by Parliament  September 2016 

My evidence prepared for the Public Bill Committee and published by Parliament for the Higher Education and Research Bill Scrutiny process.


Go straight to clause 5.a. if you're short on time. 

DOG magazine commissisoned an interview for its inaugural magazine, out September 2016

DOG is a biannual global publication and you can order your magazine here.

MojoMums publishes "The Last ‘A’ Level Exam And Weird Things My Daughter Has Done." 27 June 2016

"My daughter has one more ‘A’ level exam to go, Sociology part two. The air around is loosening up and breath comes more freely. The state of cloudy suspension where we cannot see the world for ‘A’ level trees is dissipating. A half-packed suitcase in the hallway evidences the globe’s encroachment into our isolated home where we study, eat, drive to exam, do exam, come home and repeat."

Read the full feature here.

MojoMums publishes "‘A’ Levels – The Halfway Point Is A Balancing Act" 17th June 2016

"Our home is perched upon a tightrope of existence, stretched between exams. Behind is education and ahead is an open future; my daughter and our lives are precariously balanced between her perception of failure and success."

Read the full feature here.

The Independent publishes "A-levels: How to get the highest grade possible in the run up to and on the day of your exams." 3rd June 2016

"If you’re a student gearing-up to sit your A-levels, this advice for the night before and exam day will help. All is never lost and, believe it or not, but an exam room is actually a good place to do your best, even if you feel you’ve not gotten your nose into as many books as you would have liked.

So, here are some sure-fire ways of getting the highest grade possible, however much you have worked..."

Read the full feature here.

MojoMums publishes "For Busy Parents Of ‘A’ Level Students – Don’t Worry!" on 27 May 2016

"Strangely, our house is in a hushed lull waiting for the dawning of exam day. My fourth child and only daughter created this unfamiliar aura of diligence. She is sitting her ‘A’ levels this year and, unusually for our family, she has worked."

Read the full feature here.

Huw Edwards and The London Welsh Male Voice Choir - "Huw's headline act" is "7 Days" lead feature.

"7 Days" is the weekend magazine distributed with The Hampshire Chronicle and The Romsey Advertiser. 8/4/2016

"Huw's headliners don't disappoint at the abbey."

The text in close up.

The magazine is distributed on consecutive days by each of the newspapers. 9/4/2016

Peter Liney - "Author in Hollywood oversees his debut book being adapted for film"

Peter Liney - the interview is featured on line...

... and in The Hampshire Chronicle.

Peter Liney - "Author in Hollywood oversees his debut book being adapted for film" Published in the Salisbury Journal, newspaper copy March 2016

"Peter Liney - "Author in Hollywood oversees his debut book being adapted for film" 

Featured at the Salisbury Journal online, too.

The Hampshire Chronicle published this on 7/3/16.

"Magnus Ostrom - touching the beautiful blue"

"Magnus Ostrom - touching the beautiful blue"

"Doing More At Roskilde"

"Magnus Ostrom - touching the beautiful blue" (2013) published in Orkester Journalen.

"Doing More at Roskilde" (July 2013) was published by Do More Magazine.

"Staying Alive At Uni"

"Staying Alive At Uni"

"Arena in tune with Frank"

"Staying Alive At Uni" (Freshers 2012) was published as a five page feature in their printed magazine.

"Staying Alive At Uni" is also published online at The Student Pocket Guide.

"Arena In Tune With Frank" was lead feature in 7 Days magazine on 26th April 2012, published by the Hampshire Chronicle.

"Soweto Kinch - gangsta rappa or jazz supremo?"

"Moving on artistically and emotionally"

I wrote for 7 Days magazine throughout 2011. The next five articles are examples of this, starting with (above) a review of a Toploader gig, published 11/8/2011

"Emotional Americana from Winchester"

Winterhours, live gig and a cappella review published 26/5/2011





"Soweto Kinch - gangsta rappa or jazz supremo?" (2011) published by Jazzwise Magazine.

"A cocktail of sounds and tempo changes"

Montage Populaire live gig review, published 28/4/11

"Natural dynamics and creativity in a fun set"

Mr Tom live gig review, published 8/4/11

"Moved by the sincerity of his songs" 

Chris T-T and Dive Dive, live gig review published 31/3/11

"Feeling the Squeeze" - 

 Part 1 of the trilogy 

"Feeling the Squeeze" - 

 Part 2 of the trilogy 

"Feeling the Squeeze" - 

 Part 3 of the trilogy 


The widely referenced and technical "Feeling the Squeeze" trilogy (2008) is three nine-page articles (10,000 words) on funding published by Henry Stewart and globally cited e.g. by Wikipedia

Part 1 looks at the effect on borrowers of the climate in the banking market and what could be done about this. Part 2 looks at rescuing brorrowers from a breach of banking terms

Part 3 focuses on Ringfencing as a protective measure for the borrower in banking arrangements

"Feeling The Squeeze"

Parts 1, 2 and 3

Maney Publishing is one of the organisations who republished the "Feeling the Squeeze" trilogy.

"Feeling The Squeeze"

Parts 1, 2 and 3

"Survival Tips For Bank Trouble" 

The Caring Times magazine published "Survival Tips for Bank Trouble" in 2007. This article was republished by CareInfo. org

"Legal and Important" is my legal Wordpress Site (established September 2015). Published features include:

"Death clauses parents of students are asked to sign" 

"A genius funding structure from a Guatamalan village" 

"Cargo. A true story which happened yesterday" 

"If you see a death clause like the one above, do everyone a favour and put a big fat line through it... " Read why here. 4/9/2015

"This exciting funding structure stacks up to blow double dips and structured debt out of the water" Read it here.  17/9/2015

"... it was a ten step climb to the pulpit of refuse..." Read this short story about refugee discrimination here. 30/8/2015

In addition to articles published in newspapers, magazines and on line (including Legal and Important, St Pauls Lifestyle and Medium - scroll down, please), I have written extensively about culture and business for St Pauls Lifestyle, a media magazine. Over five hundred features varying in length from 'bite-sized' to a thousand words in the last three years. Three examples are: 

"Taylor Swift and Spotify: Imagine - the world which could be" 

"Businesses which make money predicated upon someone else giving their art away for free should not be above moral scrutiny." Read it. 10/11/2014

"Kanye West is 'back in the house again' with his genius Yeezus" 

"I’d 'rather be a dick than a swallower' - Kanye West’s album Yeezus is a mouthpiece for equality." Read it. 2/8/2013

"Johnny Cash, Ginger Baker and David Bowie - no need to be wary" 

"How dare we as voracious consumers of his artistic soul, judge or condemn him as if he were an average person." Read it. 21/6/2013

I wrote the leaders for a run of four printed magazines St Pauls Lifestyle published in 2014. These were distributed in London 'hotspots' as well as Waitrose: 

Interview with David Munoz, the three Michelin starred 'punk chef'  7/2014

Interview with icon Steve Strange, R.I.P. (photo by Boy George) 6/2014

Interview with Richard Branson who spoke of his childhood 5/2014


Interview with Frank Turner talking about emotional investment 4/2014

The online site is a library archive, attracting readers via St Pauls Lifestyle's 11,000 social media following and 660,000 (+) YouTube views. More information here. I established the magazine in 2011.

When Medium started I was accepted as one of the first writers. Writing includes:

"Twitter IPO — caveat emptor.

User U-Turns, Part I"

"If you’re thinking of buying Twitter, caveat emptor (“buyer beware”). Here’s why  8/4/2013

"The Game of Thrones is not lost for our rising generation"

"How will this precious and switched on generation conquer their Thrones, win their lands and attain a value of self?" Here’s how  1/4/2013

"Learning to love hard.

'One day I understood the meaning of living... ' "

"The rest of it the world can keep the shiny floor and clean surfaces; the glitter of gold. Domestic and global discussions over who did what to whom - none of that matters. At the end of the day all that remains is love." Here’s why  1/3/2013

For information on published INTERVIEWS (more than a hundred), please go here.

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