I also enjoy working as interviewer.


The relationship between an interviewee's integrity and his/her creativity and/or skill interests me. 

Below are examples of the one hundred and twenty plus interviews I have filmed, recorded and written. Interviews comprise the majority of the 750,000 (+) YouTube views on St Pauls Lifestyle here


Richard Branson

"As a child, my mother taught me never to look back in regret but to move on to the next thing. The amount of time people waste dwelling on failures rather than putting that energy into another project always amazes me."


Read it here.

Jamie Byng, Canongate Books

"I have long been fascinated by how ideas and stories spread and how energy can be harnessed and channeled and how best to bring books into people’s lives and as many lives as possible."


Read it here.

Levi Roots, entrepreneur and musician

"... the key thing is the fear of falling back down that keeps me striving... "


Watch Levi here.


Tom Morello, activist and musician as the Nightwatchman and member of Rage Against The Machine

"... racial prejudice... is one of the first things that affected me and made me realize that there were things that are not right in the world that maybe needed addressing..."


Watch Tom here in his interview which was broadcast live globally.


"... we're injecting everything we love into one genre instead of separating them..."


Watch Hacktivist here. 

Alt-J, the day after winning the Mercury

"... we're too far down the rabbit hole to make our way back..."


Watch all four members of Alt-J here.


Robin Ince and Daniel Kitson in the background

"... the most excitement joy and fear... is mucking around and coming up with ridiculous ideas with my son."


Watch Robin here.

Craig Campbell, Stewart Francis, Glenn Wool - the Lumberjacks

"... I can only write in a chair filled with money."


Watch the Lumberjacks here.

Eddie Pepitone, The Bitter Buddha

"... I think I have a lot of memories I've pushed out of my brain... a lot of time on planes I'll be crying... people think 'oh he's so angry' and I am angry but I also have a lot of joy."


Watch Eddie here.


Gerhard Jenne, Konditor & Cook

"... I think with the cakes I found an outlet for looking after people... more so than looking after myself..."


Watch Gerhard here.

David Munoz, three Michelin starred chef of Street XO

"When I was a child my father used to say because I was imagining different things in my mind, all the time in my mind when I was a child was a fantasy so my father used to say one day one person will come and show me these flying pigs and I will trust him."


Read David's interview here.

Hardeep Singh Kohli

"In my teenage years I started cooking alot, aged thirteen, fourteen... I had to learn to cook because my parents often worked... I like eating and if you like eating it forces you to cook... and I like experimenting, it was good fun being in the kitchen..."


Listen to Hardeep here.

Interviews I have done include:


Jazz and Lola 'Strummer' (Joe Strummer's daughters), Heymoonshaker, Will And The People, Kirk Brandon, Deaf Havana, Tom Morello, Carl Restivo, The Proclaimers, Five Finger Death Punch (Jason and Jeremy), Wolf Alice, Heart In Hand, Steve Strange, Oceans Ate Alaska, Crossfaith, Yes Sir Boss, Alt-J, Drenge, Frank Turner, Asgeir Trausti, Hacktivist, Julian Layn, Robin Ince, King Charles, Anonymous, Occupy London, Walking Papers, Duff McKagan, The Lumberjackers (Craig Campbell, Stewart Francis, Glenn Wool), SGB a.k.a Sonny Green, Alan Merrill, He Is Legend, Patrick Duff (Strangelove frontman), Jesse Kinch, Alabama 3, Austin Carlisle from Of Mice and Men, Lower than Atlantis, Bury Tomorrow, The Levellers, The Bedroom Hour, Eddie Pepitone The Bitter Buddha, The Funeral Suits, Falling Girl, Magnus Betner, Pete Roe, Umair Jaswal of Qayaas, The Broken Chords, Rolo Tomassi, Christian Scott, Jamire Wiliams, Soweto Kinch, Courtney Pine, Graham Clark, The Welsh Sevens, Noah Francis Johnson, Goldie M.B.E., And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, Tom Rhodes, Raghu Dixit, Sigrid Bonde Tusvik, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Scott Wilkinson of British Sea Power, LostAlone, We Are The Ocean’s Dan Brown, While She Sleeps’ Lawrence Taylor, Folk Grinder, The Algorithm, Remi Gallego, Gary Numan, The Elijah, Halfway To New York, Melanie Pain of Nouvelle Vague, Where’s Strutter, Arcane Roots, Tony Law, Ideawake, Terry Alderton, Magnus Ostrom, Aaron Bruno of Awolnation, Hollie McNish, Pete The Temp, Feed The Rhino, Steve Hicks (brother to Bill Hicks), Vince Fluck, Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas, The Copenhagen Collaboration, Dave Pen of BirdPen and Archive, Gumbo, Snorre Kirk, New Killer Shoes, Lars Berrum, Dagfinn Lyngbo, Yngve Skomsvoll, Odin Eriksson, Janni K, Rolf Magne Andersen, ‘til Dusk, Don Broco, The Venetia Fair, Sixto Rodriguez, Elephant 12, Marc 'O Reilly, Mike Lindsay of Cheek Mountain Thief and Tunng, Suicide Silence’s Eddie Hermida, Alfie Ordinary, Lyrical Monsoon, Prolong The Agony, Chris T-T, Kids In Glass Houses, Coliseum, Kate MacDonald, Violet, The Lost Souls Club, Amund Maarud, Skindred, Kill Hannah, Heaven 17, Tim Brown, Hardeep Singh Kholi, Junk DeLuxe, Levi Roots, Martin Beyer-Olsen, Blast Unit Moscow, Ooberfuse, Henrik Maarud, Winterhours, The Blitz Kids, Natasha Wise and her dog Dizzy, Sam Lee, ANiMAL’s Pete Pocket, Artful (music producer Mark Hill), Gerhard Jenne, Burn The Fleet, Mr Tom, Tony Law, 5MNON, The James Cleaver Quintet, The Glass Child, Reptile Youth, The Eagulls, Amberline, Nicole Atkins, With One Last Breath, Sonic Boom Six, The Blue Screen of Death, We Are London, Nelson Can, Jessica Clemmons, Cloud Control, Graham Clark, Joe Corre, Polar, I Divide, Tor d’Evil, Funeral For a Friend, Thousand Autumns, Mike Marlin, Nick Sun, hundreds, Palm Reader, Heart Ships, Mama’s Gun, The Light Brigade, The English National Opera, Turbowolf, Idiom, The Pigeon Detectives, Ben Goddard, Toploader, We Are Fiction, Crystal Fighters, Mog Stanley, Kerry McCarthy MP, The Dead Famous, The Miserable Rich, Peter Liney, Natasha North, Collisions, the Imagined Village, Young Peculiar, Bibelots, Helen Boulding, Fighting Fiction, Mog Stanley, Si Genaro, These New Puritans, Paul Provenza, Gerard Basset (sommelier), Beautiful Monster, Trupa Trupa, Richard Branson, Superfood, Dark Horses, Christina Bilde and Anders Wahren both of Roskilde Festival, Cat Jones, Luke Heron (byPost), Jason Mayall, Thief, Korda Marshall (Infectious), David Leydon of Pop Up Screens, Arun Rangachari who is Chairman of Dar Media producers of The Lunchbox, Emily Red, Paul Gudgin (City of London Festival), Wintergatan, Lord Tebbit MP, Robin Hutson of The Pig Hotels, Stuart Epps, The Dandelion, George Stoy, Natalie McCool, Nick Mulvey, Papp, Daniel Simonsen, Rocky Dawuni and Pulled Apart By Horses.

Please contact me here if you wish to know more about the interviews conducted and who I wish to interview. YouTube interviews with musicians here, comedians here, online at St Pauls Lifestyle here.

Finally, interviews I have done as interviewee include the Southampton Hospital Radio and BD's Rock Show:

BD's Rock Show

"I was thrilled to be invited [to take my top five rock tracks for broadcast] and knew immediately which artists I would take."


Read it here.


November 2012

Southampton Hospital Radio

I accepted this interview invitation to inspire patients at the hosital who were seriously ill, to help them know that they could get better. We discussed my work and recovery from the car crash.


More information here.


August 2011

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