• Estelle Clarke

“110 m.p.h.” influences - “Bait”, “Control” and life itself.

Updated: Jan 9

Nuffield Theatre Southampton 25 + 27 February

“110 m.p.h.” is a spoken word performance with a cinematic projected film montage. In this true story, ‘life and death’ content is coupled with family intimacy. Some of “110 m.p.h.” takes place right at the edge of being alive. There are moments of pain, brutal honesty, shame, joy and great love. Capturing these emotions in film montage that works with the spoken word performance is a particular challenge. Two fantastic films, “Bait” and “Control” have influenced the imagery used and so has life, itself.

Like “Bait”, the film for “110 m.p.h.” seeks to illustrate big challenges through the minutiae of every day life. For example, the fisherman in “Bait” hangs fresh fish in plastic bags on neighbours’ door handles. “Bait” is big on love, too and “Bait’s” ending and the ending in “110 m.p.h.” have a certain overlap, which I won’t spoil here.

For me, “Control” pivots around Ian Curtis’s mental health issues and the film’s images reflect the mood and direction of Ian Curtis’ mind set. I love how the film envelops watchers in Ian Curtis’s feelings. I found “Control” hard but brilliant. Depression and PTSD are themes in “110 m.p.h.” Tackling these subjects, I am influenced by the idea of creating an atmosphere with imagery, which gives watchers freedom to use their own imagination.

Finally, life. Sometimes living feels like dancing in a rainbow and that sensation comes into the film with colour as glorious celebration. Some of the images used are designed to create the impression of life exploding in all its aspects – especially love. Other images illustrate the central question: can mother’s love triumph over catastrophe?

I hope you’ll like the results of the film video and stills montage that Paul Bevan and I are working on. Here are a few images that have made it into the rough cut. Let’s see if they make it into the final film. We are working on that now! Read more about 110 m.p.h. here

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